April 2017 - Delighted to have the final mix of 'Icarus' uploaded here finally.  Recorded in May 2016 in Bulgaria with a 110-Piece Orchestra. Have a listen under below:

March 2017 - Delighted to have a track I recorded and arranged for Lisa Hannigan, Oh! You Pretty Things, used for FX's Legion (Season 1, Episode 6). Click this link to hear the full track on Spotify, or watch the video below:

June 2016 - Delighted to be joining Lisa Hannigan on her tour around Ireland in advance of the release of her 3rd album 'At Swim'.  Check out for more details

Lisa Tour

May 29th, 2016:


(Coen Brothers - Miramax Films/Paramount Vantage 2007)

Here's a re-score of this Coen Brothers classic, for medium-size string orchestra, recorded in Windmill Lane Studios.  Thanks so much to the incredible players on the session.  Written, conducted and mixed by Cormac Curran. Score Supervisor: Sarah Lynch. Engineers: Debbie Smith & Rachel Conlon.

Music © Cormac Curran 2016. Footage © Coen Brothers/Miramax Film/Paramount Vantage 2007.

21st May 2016:


Had the honour and pleasure to have a piece recorded by a 110 piece orchestra in Sofia, Bulgaria (BNR studios) with some fantastic musicians, conducted by Derek Gleeson, engineered by Debbie Smith, and supervised by Christo Pavlov and Antonio Cafolla.  Here are some photos from the recording session.  The mix should be completed by mid-June:

Sofia 1
Sofia 2
Sofia 3
Sofia 4
Sofia 5

19th May - Congratulations to Conor O'Brien (Villagers) on winning the Ivor Novello Award 2016 for Best Album with 'Darling Arithmetic'.  I was honoured to play a very minor role on this record with some additional arrangements.  A beautiful album by a wonderful artist.  

Conor Ivor Novello

May 2016:


(John Musker, Ron Clements - Disney 1997)

Here's re-score for strings, winds, horns and percussion that I composed as part of the MA in Scoring for Film and Visual Media. The assignment was to compose and record a cue based on timing notes (i.e. without ever seeing the picture). Recorded at Windmill Lane Studios

Audio: © Cormac Curran 2016; Video: © Disney 1997

March 19th, 2016 - Delighted to have 3 pieces performed in Sofia, Bulgaria by The Sinfonieta Sofia with Christo Pavlov at the conducting helm


Jan-Feb 2016   -  On tour with Villagers in Ireland, the UK and Europe

Jan 2015 - We snook into RAK studios in London for a day's recording while on tour last May.  Very proud to be involved with this little beauty:


Dec 2015 - Here's the footage from the Villagers concert with Stargaze in Volksbühne, Berlin.  Arrangements by Cormac Curran, Nico Muhly, André de Ridder and Aart Strootman 

Dec 2015 - Performing a mixture of Cormac Curran and Nico Muhly's arrangements with Villagers and Stargaze for Stargaze Orchestral Festival in Volksbühne, Berlin. David Lang, Jonny Greenwood,  Bryce Dessner, Mica Levi much?  Yummy for the soul-belly!!!

Delighted that myself and Lisa Hannigan's version of Danny Boy has been used for HBO's TV show Fargo (Season 2, Episode 7). Check it out in the video below:

Sept 2015 - Delighted to be in Hudson, upstate New York, recording with Lisa Hannigan.  Aaron Dessner (The National) is in the production seat.  Ross Turner is turning tricks on the drums.  Beautiful music to come in Sept 2016

Sept 2015 - Performing with Lisa Hannigan, Aaron Dessner and Ross Turner for this lovely weekend.  Mary Hickson is a legend!

August 2015 - Hanging out in Lismore Castle with some of the great musicians and artists of our times, doing pre-production for Lisa Hannigan's new record:

A little teaser for Lisa Hannigan's new album, a live recording in the chapel of Lismore Castle. Lisa Hannigan, Cormac and Yuki Numata Rennick on violin. Filmed by Stephen Mogerly.