Legion (FX) - Season 1 Episode 6

Oh! You Pretty Things (Bowie Cover)

Recorded and Arranged by Cormac Curran and Lisa Hannigan (2017):

May 29th, 2016:


(Coen Brothers - Miramax Films/Paramount Vantage 2007)

Here's a re-score of this Coen Brothers classic, for medium-size string orchestra, recorded in Windmill Lane Studios.  Thanks so much to the incredible players on the session.  Written, conducted and mixed by Cormac Curran. Score Supervisor: Sarah Lynch. Engineers: Debbie Smith & Rachel Conlon.

Music © Cormac Curran 2016. Footage © Coen Brothers/Miramax Film/Paramount Vantage 2007.

Hercules Re-Score

(John Musker, Ron Clements - Disney 1997)

Here's re-score for strings, winds, horns and percussion that I composed as part of the MA in Scoring for Film and Visual Media. The assignment was to compose and record a cue based on timing notes (i.e. without ever seeing the picture). Recorded at Windmill Lane Studios

Audio: © Cormac Curran 2016; Video: © Disney 1997


Creation (Jon Amiel 2009), Main Title

A re-score for medium string orchestra.  

Audio: Cormac Curran © 2015.  Visual: Lionsgate © 2009

Moving Taget (2000), Main Title

A re-score  for Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Harp and Piano

Audio: Cormac Curran © 2015.  Visual: Lionsgate © 2009

'Danny Boy' with Lisa Hannigan

For Fargo: Season 2, Episode 7

Aired November 23rd, 2015

ONe day International

Written by Curran, Lunson, Snow, O'Grady and Turner

Produced by Brian Crosby

Creation Main Title Piano Demo